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How Important Digestive System and Excretory System Is

Our body is a complex system to understand. Its each organ has a complex system which is contributing in the proper functioning of this. All the systems of our body are directly or indirectly interconnected with each other. Any malfunctioning in any part or organ affects the functioning of other related parts also. So it’s very important to keep our body fit to prevent it from the far reaching effects. Digestive and excretory system is main system of our body. Any disorder in them results in big problems. Many people consider it separate system.

Although this system have different organs but still both digestive and excretory are very much interconnected and contributes a lot in the good health. Digestive system and excretory system information is very useful in obtaining more knowledge about this system and it can be obtained from digestive and excretory system animation. It provide information in a very entertaining and easy to grasp manner.

The digestive system is the energy system that turns food into energy and provides fuel for our body while excretory system is the waste system that removes waste from our body. Our digestive system breaks down food so that it can enter in the blood stream and can be used. Let’s take a view over how digestion takes place.

• The digestion begins from our mouth when we chew food.

• The saliva produced in the mouth starts breaking down of the food.

• From there it moves to throat where epiglottis, a small organ hanging in the starting of throat stops it from going into the wind pipe or trachea.

• Muscles of esophagus contract and move the food to the stomach, here food mixes with acid, from here it moves to small intestine where digestion takes place, the essential nutrients of the food are also absorbed there. The remaining food which is not absorbed becomes waste and enters in the colon.

From here our excretory system starts, without excretory system our bodies would filled with waste and result into an explosion. It’s a way to get rid of chemical wastes. Excretory system removes unnecessary and dangerous material from the body. It helps to maintain the body temperature and prevent from the damage. Many chemicals can be toxic for our body if remain for long. The toxics that produced in the body are like carbon dioxide, urea, salt etc. More information can be grabbed in a very entertaining and friendly manner with the help of digestive and excretory system animation.

Digestive and excretory system is extremely important system for the maintenance of the body. These two systems are co related and vital. The digestive and excretory system information is very useful in spreading information about the digestive and excretory system.

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